Accepted papers

Providing Teachers with Individual and Group-Level Collaboration Analytics: A Paper Prototype. Reet Kasepalu, Luis Pablo Prieto Santos, Timo Tobias Ley [PDF]

Preparing Successful Facilitation: Designing A Teacher Dashboard to Support PBL Classroom Orchestration in A Game-Based Learning Environment. Yuxin Chen, Asmalina Saleh, Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Krista Glazewski and James Lester [PDF]

Future Visions for the study of Group Learning with Complex Systems Models: The role of multimodal data in group learning analysis. Kit Martin [PDF]

Towards an Integrated Visualization of Multimodal Collaborative Learning Analytics. Milica Vujovic and Davinia Hernández-Leo [PDF]

Gig Academy: Opportunities and Challenges for Pedagogy-Led Learning Analytics. Rebecca Nicholson, Colin Dodds, Tom Bartindale, Ahmed Kharrufa and Caroline Walker-Gleaves [PDF]

Four Challenges in Crafting Multimodal Collaboration Analytics for non-Data experts. Gloria Fernandez Nieto, Kirsty Kitto and Roberto Martinez-Maldonado [PDF]