The workshop organisers are the following:

Marcelo Worsley is an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University in Computer Science and Learning Sciences. He directs the technological innovations for inclusive learning and teaching (tiilt) lab, which aims to develop pedagogical and technological solutions for supporting learning among diverse populations in hands-on, collaborative, environments. More specifically, the goal of his research is to advance society’s understanding of how students learn in complex learning environments by forging new opportunities for using multimodal technology. More about him at

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado is a Research Fellow in the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) at the University of Technology Sydney. His research focuses on analysing collaboration data particularly from scenarios where students are co-present.. His research is grounded on principles of Human-Computer Interaction, CSCL, Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics. He has been co-organiser of multiple workshops including venues such as ICLS, CSCL, ITS, AIED and LAK. More about him at   

Bertrand Schneider is an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). His research interests include the development of educational interfaces (e.g., tangible, multi-touch, pen/paper based) for collaborative learning in formal and informal learning environments. Additionally, he researches the use of multimodal data (e.g., gaze, body movement, speech, arousal) to shed new insights into students’ learning trajectories. His work on multi-modal learning analytics has received best paper awards at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) and Educational Data Mining (EDM) conferences. More about him at  

Ahmed Kharrufa is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Open Lab, the School of Computing, Newcastle University. His research focuses on designing for collaborative learning and the development of higher-level thinking skills. His interaction design research looks at the use of wearable sensors to enrich interaction in a variety of contexts. He is also the founder and director of Reflective Thinking, an educational technology startup. More about him at