Call for participation

We use the term collaboration analytics to refer to methods for collecting and analysing multiple sources of evidence from collaborative settings with the purpose of i) generating a deeper understanding of collaboration and learning; or ii) supporting learning and the development of collaboration skills by making key traces of activity visible to learners and their instructors or available to computational analysis.

This half-a-day workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to discuss the breadth and depth of the emerging concept of collaboration analytics.

The goal of this workshop is to build upon the promising sensing technologies, collaborative tools and emerging data analytics techniques to address the need for tools that provide automated assessment and feedback on group activities. The workshop targets both remote and collocated CSCL situations focusing on the shared complexity of human activity and its environment, looking particularly at the major role that data can play to enhance evidence-based reflective practices in CSCL teaching and learning.


The workshop accepts two kinds of paper submissions before the workshop (see the dates below):

  1. Poster submissions discuss previously unpublished late breaking work or future visions in the space of Collaboration Analytics (2-4 pages).
  2. Research highlight submissions allow researchers to share work relevant to Collaboration Analytics, which was already accepted for publication and/or presented at other venues in the period between 2016 and May 2019. These submissions should include ONLY the abstract of the original publication and a brief summary explaining this work’s significance for the workshop. These submissions should also include a statement that their submission to Collaboration Analytics does not conflict with the policies of the venue where the work was originally published or presented (1-2 pages).

Submissions should be written in English and follow the current version of the ISLS author guidelines (there is also a Microsoft Word template). Submissions should be sent by email to

For each accepted submission, at least one author must attend the workshop. Accepted submissions will be published on the workshop website. Authors retain all copyright. Accepted submission will be presented as posters and discussed in a poster session during the workshop.


·        Submission Deadline: 1 May 2019

·        Notifications of acceptance: 7 May 2019

·        Early-bird registration: 8 May 2019

·       Full reviews: 18 May 2019

·        Workshop date: 18 June 2019