This half-a-day workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to discuss the breadth and depth of the emerging concept of collaboration analytics. The goal of this workshop is to define strategies for bridging the gap between, on the one hand, promising sensing technologies, collaborative tools and emerging data analytics techniques and, on the other hand, the lack of tools that provide automated assessment and feedback on group activity. The workshop targets both remote and collocated CSCL situations. However, aligned with the spirit of CSCL 19’s theme, we argue that in all cases it is critical to consider the complexity of human activity and its environment, particularly if we want data to play a major role to enhance evidence-based reflective practice in CSCL teaching and learning.

The International Workshop on Collaboration Analytics will be co-located with the International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning  (CSCL 2019) in Lyon, France, June 18. 

Slides used by Alyssa Friend Wise, our keynote speaker.

We are happy to announce our invited speaker Alyssa Friend Wise who will open the workshop discussing the current challenges at the intersection of CSCL and Learning Analytics.